The usual calendar with unusual features

In KeepTrack is the calendar, To do list  and Timer  kept seperate, but can also be linked. By linking to do lists and timers to events and activities in your calendar, you’ll get a better idea of what to do and when.

Take control over your day!

Keeptrack consists of a variety of different functions that you can link or keep separate.

Do you benefit from Keeptrack?

Independence and control

You may have ADD, ADHD or Autism, or are a relative to someone with any of these diagnoses.

– Do you feel stressed and worried about forgetting?
– Are you losing time and getting stuck in doing things?
– Are your relatives concerned that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time?

KeepTrack provides structure and reminders that leads to more control and less stress for both those who use KeepTrack and for the support people around you.

When can I use KeepTrack?

Home and leisure


Use a timer to wash, Create a to do list with your favorite recipes.



Use KeepTrack in your work if you have problem whith planning and need to be reminded about events.



Add schedules and to-do-lists to get an overview of your school day.


Examples of how users benefit from KeepTrack


I am less stressed

I have added my routines like breaks, lunch, when the taxi will pick me up and when to take my medicines.
I was without the app for 1-2 weeks when my phone was broken, and I lost my routines, got stressed, had anxiety and couldn’t keep the time.

I’m much calmer and have a better structure over the day, I don’t forget important meetings or to take my medicines. Great tools in the app helps me to, for example, keep track so that I don’t sleep to long.


Now I'm more independent!

When I use KeepTrack, I feel safe and independent. I do not need as much support from others and I manage myself. Now that I’ve started studying, I’m loading my schedule and my homework in KeepTrack, KeepTrack makes it possible for me to be independent!


Enter events with contacts, images, texts and to-do-lists


Simple timer with visual countdown


To-do-list for those who like to tick off lists

About us

Abilia give people with special needs power to become independent and access to a more fulfilling life.

Working closely with people with special needs, we invent high-quality assistive tools to help people live richer and fuller lives. Our tools support people to create structure in their daily lives, communicate with people around them, control their home environment or call for assistance.

On March 2019 we acquired Comai, an award winning company that created the app KeepTrack Calendar.

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